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Welcome to the Law Offices of Eric Franz
The Law Offices of Eric Franz, is a law firm focused on litigation in both state and federal courts. Over the years, the firm has grown substantially due to its continuous successful representation of individuals and corporations in both civil and criminal matters.

Whether you are a celebrity, major corporation, small business or a regular member of the public, the Law Offices of Eric Franz will dedicate the full force of its resources to assist with your litigation needs.
Practice Areas:

Federal Criminal Defense

State Criminal Defense

Computer Fraud

Bank Fraud

Drug Possession


Civil Forfeiture

Civil Rights

Administrative Disciplinary Proceedings
Desk Appearance Ticket
WHITE Collar Crimes

Reckless Endangermant

Notable Accomplishments of the Firm:
Criminal Charges against "Ice-T" dismissed
Dismissal of sexual assault charges for Christian Slater
Successful representation of Nestor Estrada, the victim of the Russell Crowe phone throwing assault at the Mercer Hotel.
An acquittal for his client after a 4-month racketeering trial in the infamous “Gold Club” case in the State of Georgia;
A 40-month downward departure for his client accused of money laundering in a case which the government described as the “largest consumer fraud in American history”;
A dismissal of RICO charges and a plea to tax evasion for which his client received only 5 months imprisonment;
Acquittal for Australian charged with rape.
Acquittal for NYPD police Sergeant in white collar structuring trial.
Acquittal of NYPD Detective charged with receiving bribes.
Successfully cleared an NYPD Detective of homicide charges.
Charges successfully avoided for owners of funeral home in notorious “Bone Harvesting Case.”
78 month sentence reduction for client accused of a 50 kilo drug importation conspiracy.
Dismissal of Rape charges for client charged with date rape.
Probationary Sentence for client charged with 26 million dollar fraud.

"[Eric Franz] says that he views media attention as taking place on a "chessboard" with the plaintiffs lawyer on one side and the defendant's on the other." -Read More 

RUSSELL CROWE phone throwing case
A British newspaper reports today that bad-boy actor Russell Crowe is set to pay $11 million to the SoHo hotel clerk he hit with a telephone.
CASE Against slater dropped
Prosecutors in Manhattan agreed yesterday to drop the charges against the actor Christian Slater, left, if he stays out of trouble for six months…Eric Franz, said, "The case is dismissed, and we are very pleased with the outcome
ICE-T case dismissed
That is what I'm talking about - dismissed!" the "Law & Order: SVU" star bellowed as he strutted out of a packed courtroom."