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Actor Slated to Redeem his Rep

Cindy Adams - September 21, 2005

Criminal charges against Christian Slater were dropped this week. He’d been charged with sexual assault and something labeled “forcible touching” for, supposedly, grabbing a strange lady’s buttock on the street.
            Trust me, Christian’s a neat looking, high-living dude with no problem grabbing nifty butts that belong to bodies he already knows. Not like the guy’s in a dry period going without. He doesn’t really need to borrow an unfamiliar behind on a sidewalk to sort of tide him over. The fact is I’d once heard the gals nicknamed him “Thumper.”
            Law enforcement always had problems with this case. The lady, who had some connection with a methadone clinic, had said she was en route to Petco, which was closed and in another direction anyway.
            Here’s what did go down approximately: Christian had been partying with a 22-year-old chick. It was late. They’d had a sip. Horsing around on the street, they fell down. This lady passerby thought they were physically fighting. Told no, nothing like that’s going on, she insisted on calling the cops. A belief is, the tussle over that resulted in upsetting the lady.
            A very happy Christian, worried the allegation could’ve harmed him, celebrated afterwards at Georgio’s restaurant in the 50s.
            His lawyer Eric Franz calls it, “a successful resolution.” This Eric Franz has newly shot up out of nowhere. Suddenly everybody’s lawyer but Osama Bin Laden’s. Another of his clients is Russell Crow, about whom you may have heard.